Monday, September 17, 2007

Cold and rainy welcome home!

We're baaack! We enjoyed the 80 degree sunny weather on vacation only to return to temps around 50 and today it's raining! Ick! I am TOTALLY swamped at work and totally swamped with homework for my classes so this is a quick post with a couple of my favorite photos from our trip until I have time for a better post with more details about what we saw, ate, drank, etc. I will say, sweet tea is my latest favorite beverage and I feel so lucky to have found some at a local store, I was afraid I'd have to order online! hehe

I leave you with some photos from St. Louis and Memphis, we skipped the Nashville part, it would have added about 6 hours to our drive back to St. Louis on the last night of our trip so we decided to just spend more time in St. Louis instead of in the car. By the last 2 or 3 hours of our trip home on Friday night, Emma was complaining that her "heinie hurt", otherwise she was great for all the time we spent in the car and travelling around in the stroller.

St.Louis & Memphis 24pix
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Mert said...

awww! I'm so glad you guys had a nice trip! Loved all the pictures, especially Em in the divers suit and snoozing in the car. :D Hooray though... I'm glad your back. I missed ya!:D

Melissa said...

Oh looks like you had a fabulous time! I am soooo jealous that you got to go to Graceland. I'm not a huge Elvis freak, but I think it'd be great to see.

As always, excellent pictures. Glad to see you posting again, I missed ya! :)

Elizabeth said...

Welcome home! Those pictures were great. Looks like the whole family had a blast on vacation!

justjenny said...

Welcome back! Road trips are always so fun - now tell us stories!

Ash said...

Welcome home!

wolfbaby said...

Welcome home Im so glad ya'll had a good time;)

good luck getting caught up

~Virginia~ said...

Those pictures are great! I love that Smilebox thingy! Always so clever! :) Glad you guys had such a great time!