Friday, September 7, 2007

Away on a Road Trip!

Road Trip! We're on our vacation all next week!

Here's our map! I will be away from the computer from about noon today until Saturday, September 15th!
Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri (1 night), Memphis, Tennessee (2 nights), quick stop in Nashville, then back to St. Louis for one night and home again.
Since I'm such a terrible backseat driver I will likely be driving the bulk of this trip unless
I get really tired or my driving leg or foot gets too tired or something.
We borrowed a portable DVD player and have a stash of Emma's DVD's, books, a couple little toys, a magnadoodle, snacks and juice boxes...I think that should cover it pretty well. I'm still open for ideas since we've got the weekend to pack and get ready!
I'm sure I'll be online promptly upon my return, so expect lots of photos and a quick hello post on or around the 15th! I know I'll be missin' my blogging buddies!


wolfbaby said...

awww shuky darns your going to go right by me... i hope you have a wonderful trip!!

~Virginia~ said...

Hope you guys are having a great time! Say hi to Elvis for me! :)

Ash said...

Safe driving, my dears. watch out for weather, and deer, and misc stuff that could put a serious dent in the car!

Mert said...

I hope you guys are having a wonderful time! :D