Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...vacation readiness or lack thereof

Ok...deep breath...what do I all have to do before we head out for our road trip on Monday? I think I mentioned we're leaving Monday morning for Memphis (our hotel has a guitar-shaped pool, how fun is taht? We're going to check out Graceland, Sun Studio, Stax American Soul Museum, and other Elvis touristy stuff (but we're not like Elvis freaks or fanatics or anything, I swear!) We'll check out every Hard Rock Cafe on our trip and get our usual hurricane glass or pint glass for our little collection. Our first and last night we're stopping in St. Louis and checking out the Gateway Arch and World Aquarium...I can't wait!! I hope there is not some weight restriction on that arch pod elevator thingee. Shut up, I always get paranoid about that kind of thing because I'm heavy. I know I need to do something about it and hope that something strikes me on my trip to really really motivate me for the task at hand upon my return.
  1. Finish the two most important work projects on my desk before Friday noon when I leave work with no return for the next 10 days.
  2. Finish the most urgent homework for my two classes (Foundations of Christian Experience and Ecology & The Environment) before Sunday night so I don't fall behind.
  3. Clean house by Saturday 11am when my friends arrive for a visit.
  4. Pick up sub tray from Eaton's 10am Saturday.
  5. Go to bank to transfer our CD that's matured and square away the money for the trip.
  6. Get haircut Friday afternoon and update my darkening roots.
  7. Pick out a week's worth of outfits for Emma and a couple backups, jacket, shoes, etc.
  8. Get all my clothes together for the trip taking care not to forget certain important peices I have forgotten and had to buy along the way in the past...(underwear, feminine products, deodrant, razor).
  9. Double-check that I have all of those pesky toiletries, the undies, razor, Emma's diapers, hair accessories, etc.
  10. Get our itinerary, maps, phone card, prepaid debit card, money, etc. all gathered in one place.
  11. I got the oil change last night so just have to get gas Sunday night now.
  12. Take off the old chipping away nail polish and re-polish if I decide to.
  13. Set my email to Out Of Office and post a nice little vacation message on blog.

I know I'm forgetting something so this list may grow in the next couple of days!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like a fun trip you've got planned - have a great time! :)

Thanks for the visit and comment!

Factor 10 said...

Have Fun!

I ALWAYS leave something behind--it doesn't matter how many lists I make or how early I pack...

crazy working mom said...

I sure hope you don't forget anything. But, as long as there's a wal-mart nearby you'll be fine. ;)

wolfbaby said...

ohh this sounds like a wonderful time I hope ya'll enjoy yourselves;)