Friday, October 5, 2007


Now that I have your attention...I have to write a Jesus essay this weekend for my Foundations of Christianity course and one part of my essay is to discuss a person who is like Jesus or something and how that person has influenced me or something.

I'm drawing a blank. Maybe it's that I'm not that educated about religion or that I don't follow the world news enough or something. Part of it I think is that it seems a bit presumptuous (is that the word I'm looking for?) I guess I need to think about humanitarians, do-gooders, that kind of thing or something. But, then to say how that person influenced me when it was so hard to think of doesn't seem right. Hmmm. Anyone have any inspiration for me?


Mert said...

ROFL! You crack me up! Now that you have my attention :D... I'll have think about that and get back to you. I agree, it does seem a bit presumptuous. :(

Elizabeth said...

The question seems wrong. How could someone even remotely be like Jesus, unless they were another religious "leader"? I'm confused too! A better topic for the essay, if you ask me ;), would be: Discuss another prominent religious figure, past or present, and how they influenced the people of their time.
That, to me, makes more sense!

A person that came to mind was Mother Theresa. Along the lines of humanitarians. But is she like Jesus? I don't draw the connection there, especially in light of the class being called "Foundations of Christianity". Does the teacher want you to discuss how Satan influenced you??

Good luck with this one! (I'm so much help, aren't I?)

Melissa said...

I'm with Elizabeth. Mother Teresa had the Christ-like thing pretty down pat from what I can see. I kind of adore her, which is a little weird seeing as how A-I'm not Cat-lick and B-I'm sort of heatheny. But I do love me some Mama Tess. :)

Ginamonster said...

I have to say that my first thought was;

Doesn't that question go against the teachings of Christianity? I mean, while many Christians aspire to be like Jesus, isn't part of the point to understand that you cannot be perfect as he was supposed to be (sorry, the heathen is coming out) and therefore he had to die for your sins? So how can you know anyone who is like Jesus?

I think that question made me angry.

Mert said...

Maybe you shouldn't be focusing on the "perfect" aspect of Christ exactly, but try to focus on who in your life is Christ-like. I'm thinking that your professor pretty much knows and assumes that no one can REALLY be like Jesus, we can only hope to try to be like him.

Well, that counts me out. ;) I really need to get back to church though. I have been such a slacker and back slider over the last year. :(

~Virginia~ said...

Mother T is a good one. Hmm, is referring to her as Mother T blasphemous?! :) How did the essay turn out?

justjenny said...

Hi Michelle! Sorry I didn't get to comment before you wrote your essay! Personally, I think the person in my life who is the most like Jesus - and who has influenced me the most in my religion - is my mother, of all people. I hope you can be an inspiration to your daughter's religious life too - it looks like you are on a good start with taking a class to learn more.