Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wordless Week

I'm sorry I've been so absent lately. I've been SO busy with work, classes, homework, just stuff in general. I miss my blogging buddies and have to catch up on everyone's latest posts. I only have a minute to post something so wanted to check in and let everyone know I'm still here! Here's a few recent pictures to help you make it through the week, as though that's all that sustains you, hehe. I haven't even had much time for pictures. I can't wait until things slow down.

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to Mert for helping me GO PINK for October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I didn't have time to mess with it and she so sweetly offered to do so! THANK YOU!!

Rain rain go away!

I helped grammy make meatloaf!

I wanted grammy to take a picture of my baby.

I LOVE uncle Jay's new kitty Casanova...and Mama loves how I can say his name!
We visited Daddy at work on the day of the Art Festival.
Mama read me the new monkey books that grammy got me.


Mert said...

Wordless week, LOL!

Your pictures are so sweet and cute as usual! I hope things slow down for you soon. :D

justjenny said...

What's the music that's playing? I really like this song! Glad you're back and hopefully we'll hear more from you soon!

crazy working mom said...

I LOVE the meatloaf picture. :)

~Virginia~ said...

Hey! There you are! Not that I'm one to talk lately...I've been MIA for a while too. Work and extra-curriculars are getting in the way of my blogging time! :) Fabulously cute pictures!

wolfbaby said...

awww she is to cute for words;) You know i totally get the feeling, class has been kickin my back side this semester and i haven't ben blogging nearly as much... good luck!!