Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Randomness

1. Keep me outta Target! That dollar section in the front and the $5.99 sunglasses and good-smelling (and tasting) Starbucks in the front...bad news for the pocketbook! At least mom bought the starbucks, that place is a rip-off but it is delicious and it was kinda fun walking around Target drinking a latte! hehe

2. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a team name for my Biggest Loser team at work. Our first names and last initials are: Michelle M, Karen R, Julie D, and Kerry S...I got nothing! We're two blondes, two brunettes...3 work in nursing, 1 in career development...I still got nothing! The only stuff that came to mind (don't laugh too hard)...Downsizing Divas, Bubble Butt Busters, I saw something similar to that one online...other than that I'm at a loss! Any ideas?

3. I'm still loving Weight Watchers and now that we started Biggest Loser on Monday I have been trying to drink more water and stay away from "whites"...bread, pasta, etc. as assigned for the week and I'm trying wheat pasta tonight, I'll let you know how it is.

4. Part of our weigh-in/registration for our Biggest Loser contest involved a blood pressure check, mine was 147/100 so they wanted to check it again Tuesday and it was 164/112 on one arm and 158/100 the other arm so they wanted to monitor it more (we have the school health nurse doing this and an NP I work with has kind of taken me under her wing now). Well, today it was 158/100 again so the NP is sending me for lab work in the morning (CBC, Lipid Panel and Metabolic Comprehensive) whatever that all means. So, ok, further proof that I'm doing the right thing by finally getting healthy!

5. I still have not exercised, I'm going strong on the eating better and stuff but the weather/winter has me out of exercising mode because I can't walk outside and don't want to do water aerobics only to come out into this winter weather all wet afterwards and I have no excuse for not walking on mom's treadmill when I'm over there twice a week. Maybe it's best though not to get too gung ho on all of the healthier eating PLUS exercise right away anyhow. It will come in time, I'm just really proud of the progress I've made already with no exercise. Being down just over 16 pounds in 6 weeks is pretty darn good!

6. We're still working on the potty training with Emma and instead of pull-ups we moved her into undies yesterday and she proceeded to pee in them at lunch after holding it all morning and refusing to go on the potty. Today, kind of similar, peed in them mid-morning pooped in them at lunchtime...maybe we're rushing it a little but she was doing pretty good in the pullups and we felt we should take the next step, especially since she has to be fully trained by Fall when she starts preschool!

7. Preschool...she got her little acceptance letter the other day and I made her appointment for her check-up with her doctor for Monday afternoon since the paperwork is due Wednesday. Of course, I've already started shopping and found a cute little lunchbag and water bottle at Target and started looking for a backpack. My mom is equally excited to start her "school wardrobe"! haha

8. This week went so slow at work, seemed like a really long week so I am glad Friday is coming tomorrow! Maybe it's because I forced myself to work harder and avoid the blogging/browsing ebay and etsy, etc. most of each day. I got tons of work done it seems! Hmmm, isn't that interesting? hehe

9. We got the check today from the insurance company and the call from the body shop yesterday saying he'd order the parts for the Vue's repair. However, with all of the accidents recently they are about a week and half behind so who knows when I'll get in for that repair. Hopefully soon, I want a carwash to get all the nasty salt washed away but I'm afraid to with the cracked up bumper!

10. I've been beading quite a bit, made a bunch of keychains that were in my Wordless Wednesday so I'm trying to build up a little collection of stuff and photos of said stuff so I can get my Etsy site up and running.

11. My History Goes to the Movies class is proving to be interesting and I'm really enjoying the movies. Spartacus was a good one, I liked the version of Cleopatra we watched this week, it was from maybe 1991 and a little racy actually for a movie we were watching in school, the saucy scenes were a little awkward to watch in a roomfull of students all probably 10 years younger than me! I also loved the HBO Mini-series Rome that we watched a few episodes of and promptly went online and found copies of the first two seasons of that. That's one I'll have to watch alone when Emma's napping since it's pretty violent and also a bit saucy.

12. I wrote my first letter of recommendation today for my history instructor who was nominated for Adjunct Professor of the's much deserved so I was glad to have my mom's help with that letter, I don't always feel like I'm good at writing that kind of thing!

13. I think I'm almost down a full pant and shirt size! I am now able to zip a vest I wear that I was previously unable to zip and I keep having to hike up my pants...the bras and undies are feeling a little different too and it's tempting to shop but I might as well wait a little since I'm planning on losing LOTS more! :)

TGIF tomorrow!


crazy working mom said...

MANY congrats on #13!!!

Ash said...

About the potty training: Leila was stubborn as hell about it. Pullups are a fake out for kids. get rid of them except for at night. I mean it, dont use them. Only use the thick cotton underpants, I call them training panties. A few days of those being wet/poopy constantly because she won't use the potty and Emma will get the idea.

It's harsh, but it was THE ONLY WAY Leila learned. I tried for a full year to train using pullups, and failed so miserably that Leila wasn't trained until she was three and my mom clued me in on the cotton panties. One week of wet panties and Leila used the potty and never looked back.

congrats on number 13!

Anonymous said...

Oh so much! Congrats on the 16 pounds so far and #13!! That's super exciting.

Tim loves Rome, too. He watched the whole first season in less than a week and is itching to get season two. I'm watching House, though I'm just about done with season three. Now what?!? (That sounds like an interesting class BTW).

Ugh, potty training. SM is 3 and a half and is very stubborn about the potty. I might try Ash's suggestion of underwear for a whole week. I've tried underwear before, but he'll just wet them and continue on with his business. Good luck with it!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Big ups for number thirteen! NSA Michelle is in the hizzy! :D

Potty training is a bitch. I recommend vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

For you of course....;)

~Virginia~ said...

you are so awesome! congrats on the looser fitting clothes! i'm always looking for reasons to rocks!

Ash said...

You have been tagged.

Kim said...

How cool that you are doing Biggest Loser at work. Sounds like a good way to get some support. Names? How about 3 needles and a pen? Silly, I know.

I have the same trouble exercising in winter. It is so much easier in nice weather when you can get out with the little one and walk to the park or something.

I love wheat pasta. I actually like it better than the regular stuff. My family eats the Barilla brand.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Mert said...

WTG GF! Kepp up the good work! Getting work done, who would of thunk it ROFL!

I'm rooting for you for your beading girl... I need to sew too :D