Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...bling and new bedroom

We finally finished decorating Emma's room and I've created my first beaded keychains I plan on selling when I get my Etsy site up and running! I'll be linking there from my blog so keep an eye out for that and a new service allowing you to call my blog and leave me voicemail! FUN!


Mert said...

The room turned out soooo cute! Looks like she loves it :) Is she sleeping in there more now?

Ambitious Blonde said...

Adorable! And her room is pretty excellent too.

Also, I loveloveLOVE that song. :)

Anonymous said...

Emma's room looks fun! Did it take long? It looks like she is totally digging it. Did she get to help a little?

The key chains look cool. Good luck with the shop preparations!