Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Preschool!

Not only did the university students at Marian start school today but Emma started preschool on campus today too!

I cannot believe she is getting so big! I didn't know how she would handle it, I knew how I would, true to form, I was choking back tears until I was out of her sight! I got choked up even as we drove to school this morning! My mom, Emma's grammy, came with me to take her to school this morning and Daddy will come at 11:30 to pick her up with me. Grammy & I both were choked up, especially after Emma's initial excitement was over after she showed Grammy where she hangs up her bag and we signed her in and showed Grammy the other playroom that Emma had toured last week. She just knew we'd be leaving her, maybe her first clue was the other three kids playing there without all the parents standing around like they were on Orientation Day last week. Maybe she sensed my feelings too, excited for her new adventure in preschool but amazed how she's growing up so fast and all choked up over it all!

Her teacher introduced the other kids to her and offered to have her play with the little girl playing with dough or the boys in the sandbox and she looked at me and said "uppy", reaching up for me. I picked her up for one more hug and said I was going to work right next door in the other building and that Daddy & I would be back to pick her up for before lunch and put on a brave smile as I peeled her off of me. I saw the lip pucker and held back my own pucker and her teacher took her hand to lead her to some toys, I couldn't look back as I turned to walk out. Mom did and said she was fine and was going with her teacher to play.

From my desk I can see her school, the other kids starting to pile in now for the 9am start. She's one of the 4 kids who come in at 8am or sooner to play for an hour before the other come so that's nice that she doesn't get there with the big group of kids and can settle in before the day really starts.

Our little girl is growing up, I know it's just preschool but it feel so much bigger than that! I can't wait until the first field trip in September to Little Farmer, the local apple & pumpkin orchard, and the school pictures they are having taken in October or the Thanksgiving Feast in November and of course...the Christmas Program! Yes, they actually have a Christmas Program! Being that Marian University is a Catholic university they put right in the parent's handbook for the preschool that they do celebrate such holidays as Christmas and Easter! Yay!

I'll give you the full report this afternoon after we pick up Emma from her first day of preschool!

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