Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Confusion...not pregnant

Well, I think I have to re-read some of my recent posts because a few of you congratulated me on a pregnancy, now unless you know something I don't know, I'm not pregnant yet...we are working on it, hehe! I just had to clear that up! I do hope I will be able to announce that sometime soon but we just started trying this week so I'll let you know! :-)

Watch for a post regarding a road trip! We had a fantastic time, it was a great trip and we would love to visit a few places again including Niagara Falls and Portage, Indiana of all places, they had a great beach that we just briefly checked out. We also didn't have time for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland so will go there some other time. I did get to visit 3 bead shops though and got lots of new beads! I'm planning on some new items being posted on my Etsy site soon!

Vacation photos coming soon!


elizabeth said...

Ooo! I can't wait to hear about your vacation and see the beads and view some pictures! Boy I missed you while you were gone!
Glad you had a good time and glad you're back!

Now get back to "work" so you can post pregnancy pictures ;) teehee

crazy working mom said...

Well, maybe there's something you need to tell us 'eh?! ;)

Road trip!!! Whoo hoo!!

~Virginia~ said...

maybe i'm not an astute reader because i don't recall seeing anything that implied you were pregnant... :) fingers crossed for a little sibling for emma! :)