Monday, August 4, 2008

Relay for Life & New hair!

One look at my hair after I got caught in the rain as we put up our Relay for Life tent was enough to know I was due for a trim! Anyway...Relay for was my first year and I intend on participating every year! It was so rewarding, such an amazing group of people...survivors, fighters, caregivers, was just amazing. And the stories of those who were speakers, very touching and I'm such a crybaby of course I was all weepy. Who wouldn't be in this case though? Most people have had cancer touch their lives in some way or another so I think it's a cause close to most people's hearts. I took Emma with me and she had lots of fun with all of the kid's activities and seeing all of the people and walking around the track and stuff but someday it will hold greater meaning for her and I plan on keeping her involved with this. Here's some pictures. I won't share our lovely group picture since I didn't ok it with the people in our group.

The next day, Saturday, I got my haircut and that picture is my new profile pic with the new doo and 36 1/2 less pounds than my old profile pic!

Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop if you haven't already. My BFF Mary was my first customer! Thanks Mary, your order and bonus items are in process!!


crazy working mom said...

OMG, it's too cute!!!

I've donated to the relay but never participated. I've done the Race For The Cure and got the same wonderful feeling for being a part of such a wonderful thing! :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, the new 'do is cute! Are you still growing it out?

That is awesome about the relay. We've done the MS walk and I think I'm doing Al's run (well, walk, in my case) for CHW in September.

Mert said...

BFF, I lurve your hair! You look gorgeous!

We did relay for life after John's dad passed from cancer. :( We haven't done it since then, but we should.

You are SO welcome, it was my pleasure!

#6 1/2? 40 is just around the corner, keep it up GF!

beth said...

Great new do, girl!