Thursday, August 7, 2008

These Wheels Were Made for Rollin'!

We are off on our next big road trip on Monday! I can hardly wait! I know it has not been that long since our last trip and someone at work even thought it was funny to point out "two vacations in one summer!" then continued on about her taking a half day that day. Whatever, I have the time coming so I'm certainly using it! :)

We're off to Niagar Falls, NY! Trevor has a cousin or aunt that lives in Canada who's coming to meet us for dinner too while we're there. Along the way we'll be stopping one night in Portage, IN which has some beautiful beaches with dunes...we won't be swimming since there's an E. Coli warning but we have a pool at our hotels which will be a fine substitute. Our next two nights before our time at Niagara Falls will be in Cleveland with visits planned to the zoo, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and a cool amusement park just for kids under 5o inches called Memphis Kiddie Park which is near the Cleveland Zoo! Emma's sure to LOVE that!

When in Niagara Falls we will be trying to do as much as possible that will allow a 3 year old. We plan on buying one of those passes to do it all since it's cheaper than buying seperate tickets everywhere! There's even Top of the Falls Restaurant that we're planning on eating at with the Canadian relatives and we'll be there on a Friday night so we'll be able to see the Fireworks over the Falls!

On the way back home we're stopping in Toledo, OH before we head home and you better believe I'll be hitting every bead shop along the way that I find, especially since I had no luck on our last road trip because there were none near Memphis and the ones I found to check out in St. Louis were all shut down or turned into a pub!


Mert said...

Did you stop off for a pint? :D I mean, you were already there, might as well have a drink.

Good luck finding some beads, can't wait to see what you find. Niagara Falls sounds so nice, and fireworks... cool!

elizabeth said...

I was just thinking what Mert said! I hope you had a drink at those bead shops-turned-pubs!!

The whole trip sounds like a blast. And that park for short kids? Wait... that sounds not right... that park for little kids? That sounds awesome too. My kids are disappointed that the YMCA pool has a big tube slide that they are too short to go on.
I hope you have a fun time and get everything packed up this weekend!

~Virginia~ said...

trips are always fun! hope you guys had (are having?) a great time! :) i've always wanted to go to niagara falls!