Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Pie in a Paper Bag...How Elegant!

OMG! I'm not even a fan of apple pie but since it's been rated the best apple pie by the Wall Street Journal, Gourmet, the Food Network and millions of other people...I had to try it! We went to Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago yesterday mostly to take Emma on the electric train, which she thought was the coolest thing, and to get my first pie from Elegant Farmer upon the recommendation from my parents who have had it before.
Since I had a fabulous pulled pork sandwich from Elegant Farmer after our train ride then shared a caramel apple with Emma and my parents, I decided to wait to try the pie until after dinner last night. WOW! Had I known it was this fantastic I think I would have splurged on a peice right then and there! We do still have 3/4 of a pie in our fridge of course so we'll have no problem polishing that off and I'll be happy to put some extra time in at the gym to pay for it!
If you can't get to Mukwonago, it's well WELL worth the price you pay to order one through the mail!
Be sure to check out Nov. 20 "Holiday Harvest Thanksgiving Special." on Food Network for a Throwdown with Bobby Flay!
Pictures from our train ride and day at Elegant Farmer...

Emma didn't care if these leaves were just in grandpa's driveway, she was jumping in them!


Ambitious Blonde said...

1. I think you're sperminated

2. That pie made my ass grow three sizes that day....


elizabeth said...

I thought I commented, but I guess I must've thought my comment in my head. Which doesn't help you any, now does it?

Emma always looks like she's having a great time! What a sweetie!!
That sounds like a great fall experience. I have to find another joint near us that actually has pumpkins to pick, not just pumpkins to pick FROM.