Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...random of course!

1. Eagle Eye - GREAT movie totally worthy of that $8 movie ticket!

2. Did I tell you that Righteous Kill was really good too? That would probably be one you could wait to watch till it hits DVD though.

3. Monday night when Trevor's at work after Emma's in bed has become my time for lounging on the couch with a sappy movie crying my eyes out. I sometimes plan on beading or making hair clips or reading...but fall back on the sappy movies instead. P.S. I Love You 2 weeks ago was fabulous and I TOTALLY didn't mind looking at Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for 2 hours!

4. This week my movie was 28 Days which I've seen before and loved, if you like Sandra Bullock you'll like it, plus there's eye candy in the form of Viggo Mortensen and Dominic West!

5. Two weeks ago it was my Sex & the City the Movie DVD!!! If you never got into SATC you're seriously missing out and maybe you need to come over and watch the whole series DVD collection I have and the movie...I hear buzz about a 2nd movie & let me tell you I cannot wait! This one's not even about the eye candy and crush I have on Chris Noth!

6. Movies such as these have led me to several CD purchases as well like the SATC Soundtrack, which now I see there's a volume 2 I need, my Duffy CD, & P.S. I Love You Soundtrack!

7. In the last three days I've had mysterious feelings like nausea that lingers but doesn't make me actually puke (maybe if I tried) and now today dizziness that made me even almost stumble a couple of times and maybe it's in my head hoping this is all for a reason that I want it to be but I also feel like I've been going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME! hmmm...I'll keep you posted, I've been wrong before and it's probably in my head!

8. Emma had her first accident at preschool today, luckily we keep a spare pair of jeans and undies in her bag at the request of the school. She said she was too shy to say she had to go potty and I did always suspec that she held it all morning since it never failed she had to go the minute we got to lunch. They were so nice about it, but the poor peanut said something about "some of the other kids knew why she was crying". I gave her a hug and said not to be shy about going potty because it's better to do that than feel yucky having an accident and feeling like crying too. She said she wouldn't be shy anymore about telling her teacher she had to go.

9. I have been feeling so distracted at work again lately! I think because I'm off Thursday and Friday next week when we go to Door County I'm just all wrapped up in being excited to be off and can't focus on getting stuff done before we go! Some of the fun places we're going while we're there is the Hands On Art Studio, Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant complete with goats on the roof, our usual orchard stop, Seaquist, Made in Britain a great place for the imported goods from Trevor's homeland, and a bead shop either here or the one I've been to before here. We're staying at cheaper winter rates at Landmark Resort where we stayed last year the day after xmas and loved it! I hope the fall colors are still going strong when we're there!

10. I have to stop talking about needing more time for beading and just MAKE time...somehow!

11. Every now and then as I look at the university students here I wish I had done my college time differently so I'd have my degree and not be sitting here as a secretary with no degree...but it is in progress of course and free of charge however I'm strangely still not rushing to graduate! I just enjoy being a student I think, maybe that's why I am where I am right now working at a university with the opportunity of this free tuition for me and my family.

12. I think I've finally made up my mind about voting in 19 days but I'm not one to broadcast my political views or debate about them so I'll keep that one under my hat but you can feel confident in knowing I'm not being hasty and have done much thought about it! I have always felt that it's foolish not to exercise the right to vote especially given all that was done by and done to suffragettes!

13. Did I tell you that last Saturday at WW I was down 3.4 pounds! YAY, hopefully that plateau I was whining about is behind me now! I'll let you know after weigh in this weekend!

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elizabeth said...

Good luck with your weigh-in! Keep up the good work!!

We watched the SatC movie last weekend. Very good! I didn't look at the naked parts, though. I've only watched the show after it was syndicated. I even missed the man-front! Nuts! (teehee)

Anyhow... all these long TT's make me forget what was at the top of the list that I wanted to comment on!