Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The note you don't want in your child's backpack!

Upon picking up Emma from preschool today a lovely yellow slip was in all of the kid's folders by their backpacks informing parents that one of the kids in school had lice and our children may have been exposed. It said what to look for and how to treat it if we find lice or eggs! GREAT!
Please pray Emma did not get exposed, I'm all itchy just thinking about it!!


Ambitious Blonde said...


::sucks in air like crazy::


I'm going to have to be more professional when looking for the cooties in a job environment, aren't I?

Fingers AND toes crossed, duder. Here's hoping Emma doesn't have them. ::toddles off itching like crazy::

elizabeth said...

I hope, I hope, I hope she does not have lice. Gross!!!
If she does, make Trevor take care of it. I hate bugs.

Mert said...

YUCK! It makes me itchy too! At least your school tells you, the school that Anna goes to won't even warn us... which makes me want to say the word that rhymes with YUCK. ;)