Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Memories in the Making

I just had to share a video and some pictures from our first (to be annual) gingerbread man and gingerbread house making adventures! Emma & I made our house this weekend at mom's then last night Trevor, Emma and I made our first gingerbread people and some other things like trees, candy canes, a big star with the last of the dough and gingerbread mommies, daddies and babies. It was so much fun, not nearly as hard as I expected. I made my own recipes based on a Splenda recipe with my own doctorings like using light margarine instead of unsalted butter then skipping the teaspoon of salt, using British treacle instead of molasses and egg beaters instead of eggs. I feared failure doctoring them that way but they turned out great! We're off to mom's house tonight to do the frosting and decorating with what will be my first attempt at royal icing if I can find egg white powder or meringue powder! If you'd like my delightfully light recipe, let me know. You can use molasses and save ordering treacle online! hehe!
*Please excuse the mess in my kitchen and my nasty baking hair and loungwear!


elizabeth said...

Nasty baking hair! That's awesome. I get that too... wiping my hands on my clothes and having my hair pushed out of my face.
That's cool that you used all those substitutions.. and it turned out good! Way to make cookies a little less sinful ;o)
I have to roll and cutout cookies today (I made the dough yesterday along with banana bread and mexican wedding cakes). The boys love decorating, so I'm using that as my motivation to make them. Otherwise I don't think I'd do it!

crazy working mom said...

What fun family memories! Well, did she like the puppy dog?!

Happy New Year!