Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes the tape measure shows what the scale won't!

I was starting to really feel frustrated with the weight loss thing. I hit that 50 pound mark one week when I weighed in at Snap Fitness for Biggest Loser but then it never reflected on the Weight Watchers fact the WW scale seemed to creep up, then go down a bit then creep up...I'm still like 2 pounds from my official 50 pound mark!

So, I started Zumba class 2 weeks ago or so and I've been much more consistent in going to Snap Fitness and busting my butt in the last couple weeks so on Saturday when I was up half a pound I was on the verge of tears (I know it's a little nuts). I talked to my trainer at Snap who is wonderful and said I wanted to come in to be measured because I was still feeling like I was slimming down and sure enough, in one month I've lost 10 inches total between 4 areas of my body! I was beaming last night! I bid a fond farewell to 2 inches on my bustline, 4 inches in the torso area between bust and belly, 2 inches at the naval line and 2 inches on my hips! Buh bye!

I just had to share this and hopefully anyone else who might be fumbling through weight loss hitting plateaus might stumble on this page and see that it's not all about the scale!


Sarah said...

Awesome I know how you feel! I seem to go 10 lbs at a time and hit a plateau for a while and them if comes off again!

~Virginia~ said...

that's great! congratulations! :) the scale can seem like the enemy sometimes.

Ambitious Blonde said...

Way to go on the weight loss!

Also, scales suck and are implements of the debbil. Act like you're going to ping it out the window next time it makes you cry.

kimberly said...

Hi M!

Thanks for following my blog. I love yours too! Keep at that Zumba, it's so fun! Vive la Zumba! :)