Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Bites!

This weekend I ended up with a bruise the size of Montana on my butt! I was leaving my dad’s to go visit my newest baby cousin in Oshkosh and dad and grandpa were behind me as we walked out of dad’s house and I said to be careful because the steps looked a little slippery…apparently my feet didn’t hear me and I went down, hit one butt cheek on each of the 4 or 5 steps on the way down. OUCH! By the evening time I had a big red mark going through a large nasty looking bruise across most of the one side of my butt!! Today I woke up pretty stiff and store and my back and butt are hurting now! Oh well, at least it will feel better within a couple of days, not like I broke anything and at least I was not carrying Emma or anything.

If it weren't for embarrassment over it being my butt, I'd post a picture of that nasty bruise, it's the most hideous one I've ever had I think!

Other than that, business as usual around here, busy with school and work and anxiously awaiting news at work about possible layoffs. There's a meeting of the Board of Trustees Wednesday and on Thursday we have a debriefing about that meeting and the buzz is we might hear about layoffs. My husband spoke with some high up people on campus yesterday that were talking to him about 25 staff and 25 faculty being laid's hoping I'm not one of those 25 staff!


CrAzY Working Mom said...

Oh, you poor thing! I get mysterious bruises all of the time. Unfortunately I bruise easily. I hope your butt feels better soon. *snicker*

Anonymous said...

Oh! All 5 of the stairs?! Your butt deserves a vacation after that! *lol* Sorry, I hope you feel better soon!! ;o)
And here's to good news on Wednesday/Thursday! My husband's employer has been talking about paycuts/no raises, etc. They said no lay-offs, but I think they actually are doing some now. Scary stuff!

~Virginia~ said...

sadly enough, i totally feel your butt pain. :) i was walking downstairs at work last year and fell HARD on those concrete stairs. WHAM! the biggest most painful bruise ever.

hope things turn out okay at work! i can't believe things are that bad that they're letting go staff. staff are the ones who keep campuses running! fingers crossed!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Yikes! At a small school like Marian, fifty people being laid off is A LOT! Hope it doesn't come down to that. I know Merc. Marine is doing rolling plant shut-downs to save some money right now, and my mom took a voluntary layoff through March so I guess that's in the air right now.

As far as your butt goes-OUCH! I too have tangoed with the stairs at high velocity and it doesn't feel good. Taco John's is open now-maybe some Potato Ole's would help? ;)