Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zumba & Ice Skating

I only have a second but must say you have GOT TO TRY Zumba!! It's an absolute blast, I signed up to do it twice a week after trying it on Saturday. Great workout and so much fun!
In other news, Emma tried ice skating twice last week and LOVED IT! By the 2nd time she wanted to be set free without anyone holding on to her! I'm contemplating getting skates myself but fear falling so much so jury's still out on that purchase! I'm going to try some on at stores and see how I do with my weak ankles!

Check out Em on her skates!


~Virginia~ said...

i'm more of a rollerskate girl...something about being on one thin blade just screams, "beware! i could come crashing down at any moment!" :) glad she's learning'll be easier for her when she's older.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

It looks like great fun! :)

Ambitious Blonde said...

Emma is adorable on skates. :)

Zumba looks fun, but I think I'll take a pass until I'm able to breathe through both nostrils simultaneously and am not hopped up on Sudafed. ;)

Mert said...

AWWW! So sweet! GF, you look fabulous!!! So proud of you :)