Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping with Emma

So we were shopping this weekend for easter dresses and other spring clothes for Emma (mom, Emma and I) and Emma was VERY into trying on the frilly easter dresses but apparently something changed about halfway through our day because in the middle of Janie & Jack while shopping in this collection mom and I were commenting on how pretty this outfit was that we were splitting the cost on...the yellow top, white top, yellow skirt and green plaid-patchwork shorts at the link above...when Emma says with 'tude...I want to be funny, not pretty! Oh boy, I think we have Miss Independent on our hands more and more...we go from girly modeling moments of trying on dresses to moments like that one quite often! She is not shy to share if she doesn't like a pair of sandals or shoes we show her but we don't let her run the show either...some things are too cute to pass by and sometimes she's just done shopping for the day! Little miss independent made quite a haul including these funn Little Miss Sunshine shoes, despite my velcro-disklike, she loves being able to put them on herself!

We had a great shopping day since there were some great sales and made it home safely in the fog and rain!


elizabeth said...

That is too funny! Does this mean she wants to dress up like a clown instead? Teehee All those clothes are SO cute!!
Kids are too fun... my kids are particular about colors and the way clothes feel.

Sassafrass said...

Cute. William is my little GQ dude, Alex on the other hand says yea mom pick out whatever! I am picky about the feel of the clothes too! We won't even go into the whole issue with socks!