Monday, January 15, 2007

Mus musculus: house mouse part deux

Freakishly smart house mice have invaded our home. I'm convinced these are not your garden variety house mice! Our friendly neighborhood exterminator visited us last Thursday and powdered the place, found holes that needed plugging, places bait stations and went on his merry way, advising us to call if we heard more scratching/nibbling (as we did the night before he came over!) Otherwise, he'd be back in a month to check on things. Thursday and Friday night, no problem. Saturday and Sunday early morning, roughly 6am, my husband heard scratching/nibbling something sounds in the basement walls and found a little bit of mouse pooh in the corner by the sump pump...after we had used the spray foam stuff to fill in holes down there. Then today, he found more mouse pooh in the attic, just a few little poohs...mouse terminator man said it could be the last of them or the babies and as for the basement sounds, could be some living under our deck outside since it's directly behind there that he was hearing the noises and it could echo through the wall. The nasty part of me that wants these buggers out hopes the snow has froze them and that any more that are in my home will ingest any poisons that are left out for them and expire ASAP!

On a not so nasty note, we had a nice weekend, cleaned out the pantry (which I love to walk into now and admire). It's so nicely organized: pots/pans in one spot; bakeware in another; plastic-ware in another; tools in another; food organized by baking stuff (sugar, flour, etc.), spices, soup, boxed meals, etc. I love it, I like to stand and admire it and think about other things to buy to add to it. I want to get nicer shelf liner next. I know, it's so domestic and freakish of me to get so excited about a pantry but since we moved in last April/May I have wanted to organize it better! Plus, our basement is all organized and nicely shelved thanks to my dad, with plastic containers for most stuff, just a few more cardboard boxes to change over to plastic and a few more shelves needed!

Our bathroom installation is moving along despite the previously mentioned mouse tenants. I can't wait to paint it and decorate, even being just a half bath it will be fun!


Elizabeth said...

OOOh, I love your pantry, complete with a window! Our "pantry" is in the basement and is a catch-all for other things as well. It is also not so convenient, but we keep bulk items in there, so it's not too bad.

I hope the mice have finally left you.

And another bathroom? Wonderful. Not having to go downstairs to pee? Priceless!
Did you have to have plumbing brought upstairs for it? That would be the case if we wanted to put a bathroom in upstairs (which we do)... just some other plumbing issues to deal with first. Although, if someone buys my house, I wouldn't have to worry about it!
Happy domesticating!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Thanks, I love the pantry too now that it's organized! :) The window is nice too!

Hopefully the mice are gone, we'll have to keep an eye on it and the guy will come back when a month is up to check things, if not sooner if we have more activity!

Yes, another bathroom, it will be nice in the middle of the night or those first thing in the morning pees for me where I BARELY make it downstairs! Great too to have this before I would get pregnant again in a year or so! As for the plumbing, it worked well because the chimney hole is in that space, the previous owners had taken the chimney out, so that way the guy was able to drop all the plumbing right down that hole. Very handy!