Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Pudge and Trader Joes!!

If you haven't already had the opportunity to try No Pudge brownies, you have got to experience these heavenly goo-ey fat free brownies! There are even instructions for mixing up a single serving instead of a whole batch. You just mix with yogurt and if you add flavored yogurt that's good too, I used banana creme pie fat free yoplait and it was great! The single serving microwave directions are so easy and stops you from eating an entire batch in one sitting, which would be quite possible with these things!

On to Trader Joe's. This place is AWESOME! It's my new favorite place to shop when we go to Milwaukee! My mom told me about it and it's replaced our periodic visits to Grasch or Sendik's. They are fine places too, but Trader Joe's is competely so much cooler! It's so much more than a grocery store, such great prices, delicious organic products, fabulous frozen foods, ice cream treats, SO cheap and tasty wine, excellent fresh wraps and salads...you gotta go! It's now tempting to go weekly, but we try to make it just a montly or bi-weekly thing. Some of our favorite finds:
  1. Indian food...great yellow curry sauce for making chicken curry, plus they sell the rice we like, papadoms and nan bread, everything we need for our curry dinner nights!
  2. Madras chicken wrap...again, curry chicken in a wrap, very tasty!
  3. The largest raisins I've ever seen in my life and I'm not even a huge fan of raisins, these are delicious!
  4. Multigrain rice chip things...flavored with soy sauce, might sound strange, but OH SO TASTY!
  5. Organic oreos that are low fat, have bits of vanilla bean in the creme...yum!
  6. Blueberry cereal bars, tried the fig, those are good too but the blueberry, MMM!
  7. Blackberry Crush 100% juice...they sampled this the day I was there and it was SO good we had to get some. They have tons of flavors of juice, I will try them all! he he he
  8. Pear Sauce...like apple sauce, but made with pears...the whole jar could be eaten in one sitting, it's DELICIOUS!

You get the idea...I could go on for days...it's terrific...it's open 9am to 9pm and is a madhouse on a weekend afternoon, I highly recommend going either when the open or near closing time on a weekend, or try a weekday. You'll have a much saner visit than my first time! It's located in the new Bayshore Town Center or whatever you want to call it, it can be a madhouse but it is a cool place! Map here. You're best to get off the highway at Silver Spring if I remember my mom saying that right, then turning onto Port Washington Road I think it is so you can access the parking lot right there, or there are ramps to park in too. Check out Bayshore here!

Happy shopping, eating and drinking!


Melissa said...

I just drooled down my front.

And now the whole internet knows about it. ;)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Haha! I'm induced drooling internet confessions!