Monday, January 22, 2007

A topic courtesy of Wordnerd in Dairyland...

I had to post this same blog as Wordnerd in Dairyland today as is made me think!

Talk amongst yourselves.

Is it possible for a person to completely change who they are?

And is it possible to be too forgiving?

If you're like my husband, you might believe you can hold a grudge forever and cut someone out of your life for good. I think that's too extreme, I think holding a grudge just makes a person bitter and angry and eats away at the grudge holder more than the person they are holding it against. Life is too short for that.

I do think it is possible to be too forgiving too. Some people are doormats, consistently being walked on by other people, or one certain person in their life that they allow to use them or abuse them again and again. But, when you're in that situation and you really love someone, I can see how it's hard to get out of that cycle and stop forgiving. Where do you stand on forgiving and forgetting?

As for people completely changing who they are, I'm not sure. I've seen people change completely for the negative, I mean look at drug addicts or alcoholics who become someone totally different. And people do it without the chemical influence too. I think complete change for the better is a harder thing to do. The jury's still out on that one.

What do you think?


Melissa said...

I feel the same way you go about grudges. I used to hang onto negative feelings FOR-EV-ER, but as I've gotten older I've realized that life is too short to hang onto the stuff like that.It takes away from your positive energy or some hippie crap like that. ;)

I'm totally too forgiving, though. I give people the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again, even if they have walked on me and broken my heart time and again. You probably already knew that, though AND know exactly who I'm talking about.

I'm getting better about it, though. At press, it's a month and counting with no negative influences in my life. Feels pretty effin' fantastic, too.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Yes, I do think I know who you're referring to...a certain three letter named person perhaps? Anyway, we live and learn and I'm glad you don't hang onto grudges so much as you used to. I'm really glad we've reconnected and hope we can chat next time we bump into each other at Marian, or elsewhere, instead of those awkward avoiding moves we used to make. :) Plus, I'd love for you and my daughter to meet too sometime! :)