Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Meme: 10 Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

I got this idea when I did some Wednesday Meme Googling. Thank you to johnmscalzi!

Ten Things I've Done You Probably Haven't.
The idea here is to note things you've done that you think are pretty unique -- although, given what's happened in other blogs and journals where this game is being played, you'll be surprised at how many people end up saying "Hey, I've done that, too!" Put them up in your own Journal and let the fun begin (you can also add your list in comments, or put a link back to any entry you write).

To get you started, here are ten things I've done that you probably haven't (The way my mind works I'm sure this list will be pretty much all over the board!
  1. Had my water break at midnight the night before my scheduled C-section and labored in the car on the way from Fondy to Oshkosh...still had the C-section after a couple of hours of labor!
  2. I met my British husband online and he moved from England to Fond du Lac, WI after spending a month staying with me on his first visit.
  3. I married the same man twice...once in the courthouse to start our immigration process and 8 months later in our church (the real deal)!
  4. On a similar note, I traveled to England with him about 3 times and once with our daughter (unfortunately for Trevor's dad's funeral the last time and one of the other three times was for his mother's funeral).
  5. On Senior Trip 1996 when we went to DC and NYC I met and hugged Ann Curry of the Today Show, met the rest of the Today Show people and went to a taping of Maury Povich show, before he became all about paternity tests and cheating spouses! Our episode was about world record holders, the most memorable and nasty guest had the longest fingernails! EWW!
  6. Sat on the floor in the back of a store in Madison scared shitless with other customers and employees while a Tornado went over.
  7. Driving down a country road with my mom and brother when we were kids, asparagus picking, we saw a calf being born, pulled over and watched.
  8. Thrown up on another 6th grade I puked on the back of the chair in front of me and probably the girl in even got in the little drawer bin under the desk...NASTY! The mean teacher yelled at me! It was humiliating and mean kids made puking sounds and teased me forever!
  9. I'm not proud of it, but I filed bankruptcy at the age of roughly 24 or so. Embarrassing, humiliating but boy was it nice to stop those bill collector calls. Made me realize how stupid STUPID I was with money when I was first in college. Thank God my money-smart (somewhat tightwad) husband has whipped me into pretty good shape!
  10. I once laughed hysterically as my younger brother was chased by a nasty swan when we were at a park somewhere out of town for my 16th birthday.

Please post your 10 in comments or in your blog and link it up to comments! :) Have Fun!


Elizabeth said...

Man, I can't think of anything right now, I'll have to get back to you. But I can say that those are definitely 10 things I have never done.
That is so scary about the tornado. I'm scared to death of them.
And Ann Curry? Love her! She should have replaced Katie (hate her!) instead of Meredith.

Melissa said...

Swans are complete assholes. If they had thumbs, they would totally cut you.