Thursday, March 29, 2007

Penicillin Farming & Chuzzle

I'm starting my own penicillin farm just in case!*

Not really, but my fridge was starting to look that way for a few days now! Last week my husband called me at work and said "What's green and furry and lives in our fridge?" Playing along I asked what and he informed me it was moldy sliced cheddar that expired in February. I suspect we had it buried under something else because I know we bought sliced cheddar since February which we must have eaten not knowing this older package was lurking in the catacombs of our fridge! It didn't end there, I got a call from him yesterday asking, "What is white and furry and lives in our fridge?" Hmm...could it be some more cheese? Sure enough, the awesome Trader Joes Fontina cheese (luckily just a small wedge was left) had kicked the bucket! I was irritated with myself to have wasted two cheese products within a matter of about a week, it goes against everything I believe in as a cheesehead born and raised in dairyland!

My husband is one of those that's totally against wasting food, money, etc. Not that I'm a fan of it, but he'll say "you're not getting any more" As if! Just because one, maybe two packages of cheese gets lost to rot in the fridge doesn't mean we're not buying more for the rest of our lives. He gets over it by the time we go grocery shopping, plus it's so easy to chuck stuff into the cart without him paying attention until it's already headed across the conveyor belt into the cashiers hands & on the way to our bags! hee hee! Some things like a pack of gum, some cute hair things for Emma or lip gloss for me have even made it all the way home before he notices. He'll say "Where did this come from?", knowing obviously I put it in, I mean Emma is getting more resourceful but I don't think she's ever thrown anything in our cart without us noticing!

So, on to the Chuzzle! It's a fun little game on MSN that I had to try when I saw the furry little squiqqly eyed guys in bright colors that reminded me of the little sticky feet ones you'd get as a kid, hmm, I forget where you'd get the bank or from the Salvation Army bell ringers or something? I don't know, anyway they are cute and it's a fun little game to take a break and play for a bit. Not nearly as addictive as some others I've tried such as Mini Putt, Bowman and Curve Ball!

*I can't take full credit for the terminology "Penicillin Farm"...when relaying the story to a co-worker she said her dad used to make a big production out of cleaning out her mom's PF, draggin in the big metal garbage can and pulling a chair up to the fridge, chucking stuff out left and right! hehehe

By the way, we're off to see a movie tonight, Premonition with Sandra Bullock. I'll let you know tomorrow how it is! Happy Farming!


justjenny said...

I wouldn't worry too much. At least you have food in your frige. The only things in mine are condiments and alcohol!

Csara said...

Just ran across your link from the 2k bloggers list. Your kids are SO freakin' adorable!!!

oh and ewww, that is so nasty about the moldy cheddar. We've had green fuzzy bread on more than one occasion. LOL

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

justjenny...I can remember the days of condiments and alcohol!

csara...thank you! I just have one daughter that has quite a wardrobe courtesy of my mom...but thank you, she's is a sweetie!

Mert said...

OK, Soul Sistah... you're freaking me out again!

I LOVE THE CHUZZLE, so does Anna! Ok, I probably love it a little more than you do. I also love Bejeweled, and Poppit. My new game is Tropix where you get to pay games and earn points to buy a little pet monkey items for his islands. It's pretty cute.

My Emma Rose has thrown stuff in the cart, and we both have asked, "Who put that in the cart?"

It was something crazy like wart cream on time LOL!

I am a bit anal about what is in my fridge... if it's more than a week old it gets pitched for the most part, and I am skeptical when something says it's good for another 2 weeks. That's not to say that I haven't had my share of sneeky hide-and-seek playing cheese though. Sometimes I get busy and go to make a sandwich... and suddenly when the smell hits me I'm not hungry anymore.

It's kind of helpful actually!

yeah, I'm a dork.