Friday, March 30, 2007


Warning: This blog does NOT spoil the movie for you HOWEVER, clicking on some reviews might spoil it so if you plan on seeing it maybe don't click the links to the reviews!

We saw the movie Premonition last night and loved it! It was a little slow starting and confusing to start with but you get sucked in and start to figure it out as it goes along. It's SO worth the $7.50 if you ask me. I read a mix of reviews, good bad and ugly, online today but obviously I only agree with the good ones! It just makes you think and if you're anything like me you'll need a steady supply of tissues the further you get into the movie. I won't divulge too much, don't want to ruin it in case you plan on seeing it but I thought it had a great message and although a tear-jerker, it's not just a chick-flick and it makes you think. I LOVED IT! If you decide to go see it, let me know what you think!
I've decided not to read too many reviews, especially before I see a movie. I've often completely loved some movies that get bad or so-so ratings then hated those that have rave reviews and sometimes even win all kinds of rewards! One prime example is Open Water, I remember People magazine gave it top rating, I used to really love People and read it often but just don't have as much time to anymore. Well anyway, Open Water sucked so bad we felt completely ripped off, felt completely bloated and had to pee SO bad since basically the whole movie consists of people floating in the ocean. I wish we would not have wasted 79 minutes of life watching it! Maybe I missed the message or something because when you go to IMDB and read the first comment, someone thought it was so "powerful" and moving...bleh! No way! Premonition on the other hand was powerful and moving for me. I think that movies are like that though, different things to different people depending on what you're going through in life at the moment. Anyway, someone please go see Premonition so I can discuss it with you! :)
There are a few more movies coming out or now out that look good too, I love watching the previews before the movie. These included: Perfect Stranger, Vacancy, In the Land of Women, Blades of Glory, Reign Over Me...there was some chick flick I saw a preview for when we saw Wild Hogs but I forget what it was for. It looked good anyway! :) And, Wild Hogs was kind of cheesy but very funny, we really enjoyed that one too!

HAPPY FRIDAY, Have a fabulous weekend!!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Friday!

I agree with not reading reviews. If you thought a movie looked really good, you'll probably like it. We don't go to movies often so I like to go to one I really want to see. If it looked so-so in the preview, then you might want to wait until it comes out on DVD!

We haven't been to a movie lately, so I have not suggestions! My husband and in-laws watched Marie Antoinette (Sophia Copala directed) while I went to be early and THEY decided that I shouldn't watch it because it was slow and inaccurate at the end. Poop on them! I wanted to watch it.

Elaine Vigneault said...

your blog has been added to check it out

Mert said...

I really want to see this movie. Glad you liked it, because that means I will like it too!

BTW, I added *tagged* you to the music meme, if you feel like playing!

Virginia said...

I've been conflicted on this movie--I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD though. :)

We recently saw Shooter w/Mark Wahlberg which was really good. We also saw 300 which is gory, but good.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Hey, yeah, I saw the new one. I liked it okay. The storyline was really underdeveloped in some parts, but I still loved it being the fan I am.