Monday, April 2, 2007

My Music Meme!

I was tagged by my soul sistah Mert to do this fun music meme. To quote Amisare, who tagged Mert:

I am to list seven songs/cds that I have listened to recently and elaborate a bit. I am then to tag seven other bloggers with this blessing of a meme.

My musical collection is quite comprehensive! Depending on my mood, I listen to just about anything! I think I've blogged about this before but I will share what my most recent favorite 7 songs/cds are for this meme:

1. Anna Nalick "Wreck of the Day" CD - currently playing track#1 - Breathe(2am) while I type this. I had heard a couple of her songs on the radio but had no idea how good the whole CD would be! I had heard "Breathe" a few times and also "Citadel" but didn't realize it was her until I had the CD. It was one of those songs you hear part of on the radio and they don't come on afterwards to tell you who it was so I was pleasantly surprised to hear it when I bought the CD!

2. Corinne Bailey Rae's CD is to die for! I had heard "Like A Star" during an episode of Medium and completely HAD to have the CD! Again, pleasant surprise when I discovered she also did "Put Your Records On"...LOVE the whole CD!

3. Ray LaMontagne...OMG, I could listen to the "Trouble" CD ALL DAY LONG!! In fact, I have had it in my car CD player for over a week, maybe closer to two weeks and I am still not sick of it, I am like Mert that way with wearing a CD out until I can't possibly listen to it again for quite awhile and my hubby is way sick of it too!

4. Pure Funk from BMG...a great CD that has such songs as "Brick House", "Jungle Boogie", "Mr. Big Stuff", "Fire", "Word Up" and "Super Freak" and more...just a fun CD to get me going in the morning on the way to work or unwind after work!

5. The Best of Everclear...Everclear was a fun concert I went to when I was maybe 18 with friends and we got all muddy because it rained and was crappy out. I always have fond memories of that and will never forget washing my feet in the sink at the BP station in Oshkosh afterwards! I love playing music that brings back specific memories, it's great!

6. Seven Mary Three "American Standard" CD...also played at the show we went to where Everclear played if I remember correctly; but we also saw them when we were in NYC for senior class trip, another time I will never forget! Hard to believe it was over 10 years ago!! I love every single track on this CD. "Lucky" & "Lame" are two of my all time favorite songs.

7. Melissa Etheridge "Greatest Hits" CD...just a great CD, love her voice, it's something so raw, raspy, edgy...some of my favorite songs include: "Lover Please", "I'm the Only One", "Come To My Window", "Enough of Me". a bonus, seven my closet favorites...







I choose to tag the following seven bloggers should they choose to accept:
1. Missy
2. Beth
3. Black Apple
4. JustJenny
5. Happy Hellenist
6. Tangled Me
7. Ginamonster


Ginamonster said...

GASP!! I've never been tagged before! I feel so loved and um, part of the tagged crowd and um, I'll do this when I get home tonight.

By the way, those ar the exact reasons why I like Melissa Etheridge too. She doesn't just sing it, you can tell she feels it.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the musical meme tag! Now I can write about something happy for a change. ;)

Jo said...

I feel bad for letting you down with the meme thing. A little known fact about Jo in Utah? GASP, I don't listen to music! Nope, if I am in the car, I listen to talk radio or nothing. And I have nothing at home I listen to either. I own CDs, but don't listen to them...Learned something new though right? Sorry

Holly said...

Oh you're so good! I don't know when I'll find time to get to my tag! ;)


Mert said...

I don't listen to the radio much... so I've never heard of Seven Mary three, and I never knew the name of who sang Breath (2am).

I really liked your picks, I really like Melissa Etheridge, Everclear... and I love me some Cameo!

I also love that you are a closet rap-head like em. :D