Monday, March 12, 2007

Thoughtless People!

I had to share a story from the weekend that I was reminded of when I read Ash's blog today!

I was using one of the grocery store's koala changing things changing Emma's diaper yesterday so her legs were exposed showing her birthmark and this early-20's girl that worked there came out of a bathroom stall and says "Ucky rash! Or is that a birthmark?", kind of shocked at the outburst I said, "birthmark" and left it at that. She proceeds to say "That's a BIG birthmark!" I didn't even reply, this was the first stranger comment on her birthmark, friends and family have talked about it, in a more sensitive manner too, just asking what type it is, blah blah. Which, by the way it is a port wine. Anyway...whatever! I was completely dumbfounded at her comment, didn't reply, I need to start a list of replies for future reference...I almost replied "that's a big mouth you have or "...ass you have" but refrained since my ass isn't anything to be desired!


justjenny said...

I can't believe how insensitive that girl was! Sometimes it's enough to think something quietly than say it - although hearing something back might have been good for her...

Elizabeth said...

I'm like that too, I never think of anything clever to say when I'm in the moment! Grrr!
People like that suck and should be smacked for things like that that come out of their mouths.

People have told me before that I have my hands full with 2 kids. A lady also yelled at my oldest for swatting her... after she was practically standing on top of him in the stroller!! I was just thinking about that one the other day and it made me so angry that I didn't say anything to that woman. I guess some of us are either polite or just wusses ;)