Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bunny Pics!

Well tonight we're headed to Appleton to get Emma's Easter pictures taken at Picture People and have one done with the Easter Bunny in the mall. I'm hoping these photos go well! As you can see in the abundance of pictures on this site, Emma is photogenic, she loves to be silly and smile for the camera...until we get in the photo studio! I don't get what the deal is, and hopefully now that she's a little older (the last pics were Christmastime) maybe she'll be more into it.

Last time we had to put marshmallows on the snowman's nose to get her to go over there and play along so we could get some shots. The time before that I had to sit with her for some pictures to get her warmed up. She just doesn't seem to care for the photo place and prefers pictures taken at home or family's houses, etc. Maybe we just need to try a new photographer and spend a little more money. The nice part about Picture People is that they send coupons out frequently so you get a free 8x10 or 10x13, don't have to buy anything else (but we always do) and no sitting fee either. Plus, this coupon for tonight you get 20% off your order. So, anyway, wish us luck and if you have any pointers on helping her to enjoy these photo sessions more, let me know!

I've included last year's Easter photos below, tomorrow I'll scan in the one's from tonight and we can see how much she's grown.

Last year her dress color was too light and kind of washed her out, I think this year's dress will be better, it's a navy & white kind of sailor style dress, VERY CUTE if I do say so myself, you can be the judge tomorrow! It will be fun to see how she does with the Easter Bunny, she was on the fence about Santa this last Xmas and pretty ok about the bunny last year.


Mert said...

OH MY< what a cutie! I love those easter pics, she is so beautiful and sweet!

I get pictures done only once a year usually before christmas. This year both of the kids were just getting over pneumonia AGAIN. and they both looked very sick. I still hvaen't gotten their pics done yet, but I'll probably wait til after the easter rush.

Melissa said...

Those are some damn cute pictures. Can't wait to see the new ones. :)

As for pointers about getting pictures done-Evan HATED getting his picture taken until he was about eight, so good ones of him are rather few and far between. I'd tell you to just act like a huge goof to get her to smile, but that would be more for my amusement than hers. :)

Ash said...

So cuuuuuuute

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the pics! We have so much fun taking pictures of Emma!