Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. A step in the right direction, found out who to send my letter of complaint to regarding Emma's arm. If you missed that post, check it out! I'm happy to report though, Emma is back to her daredevil monkey self again...climbing, running and doing all the typical 2 year old stuff! I still can't believe she will be in just one more week!

2. The VUE is really fun to drive and I like the new point of Vue...hehe...being up higher is nice, I'll try not to look down on people too much...ok, I have to stop with the idiotic puns! This week was a busy one and I'm a little loopy I think!

3. Fugly is one of my favorite words and I got into an email discussion with my mom about fugliness this morning. If you work in an office, or anywhere else really...what is the dress code or just the unwritten rule about footwear and the wearing of nylons, socks, etc.? She works in a law office and everyone wears some form of foot-coverings (nylons, socks, etc.), with their shoes...EVEN OPEN TOED SHOES and SANDALS! I'm sorry, but in my book that's a big NO-NO. ICKY! Some ladies are dead set against bare feet with shoes, sandals, open toes, anything and think it looks terrible to NOT wear foot-coverings. Even the local courthouse people don't have to wear socks or nylons with their shoes! Mom is on my side about it and walked out on a limb today wearing bare feet with sandals and a skirt today, a step past wearing pants with bare feet and sandals to work! *GASP!* I'm sure she'll be an outcast now in the legal secretary community.

4. I finally made it through a GINORMOUS stack of letters I had to mail out this week...*sigh*...sadly, another stack of work awaits, which is followed closely by three more. Oh well, who said summer was time for slacking?

5. What's your weekend filled with? Plans for outdoor activities, travel, family time, Father's Day plans perhaps? We're shopping Saturday for Emma's birthday gift, a play kitchen that looks really fun and she'll be getting a table and chair set from her grandparents that will be a nice compliment to the kitchen! It is funny to shop for her gift with her along but she's still just young enough to not know the difference! Now I have to decide whether to assemble ahead of time and wrap in a big gift bag or leave it in the box until the birthday party for her open and assemble it that night...decisions, decisions!! I'm even excited to play with the new stuff! Sunday we'll spend time with my dad and stepdad while Trevor's at work, then Emma can have Daddy's Day time with him after work!

Happy Weekend! TGIF!


Melissa said...

Other than the smothering pile o' work, sounds like a pretty good week. The Father's Day thing sounds like fun. We're chipping in for a digital camera for my Bubby and I'm taking him shopping for it when he decides what one he wants.

Because I am a cool girlfriend, I got Shannon a gift certificate for In Your Face Tattoos. I have a feeling he'll like it. :) What are you getting Trevor?

Melissa said...

Whoops, premature clickage. ;)

Just NO to the socks with sandals thing. A big, loud, tears running down my face NO. Tell mama to keep bucking the system and that Missy's proud of her anti-fug protest. ;)

Shellerbear's Mom said...

Missy, Mama knew there were good reasons why she likes you!!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I'd rather sweat it out in a jogging suit than EVER wear nylons with sandals or open toes!


Elizabeth said...

Yikes! Especially when the seams on their nylons show! I hate wearing socks and such in the summer, but they are a must with tennis-shoes. Sandals, no way! Even if you have to wear heals with a skirt, they have those "not-socks" (at the Gap) that you can't see with heels on. I got them to wear with my new tennis shoes, actually. that way i don't have to wear stuffy socks, but my feet won't get so sweaty!

Hope you have a good weekend, too!