Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nursemaid's Elbow and Medical Imcompetence!

Well, we went to Aurora, Dr. Freund, who is kind of like Emma's secondary pediatrician who we see when her pediatrician is not available and were SO glad we went there!! The pediatrician took off Emma’s temporary cast, felt her arm, put her hand under the elbow and did a little simultaneous slight twist and bend motion and said, “Oh, I felt it pop in! Nursemaid’s elbow”. She described that it is a partial dislocation of the elbow, also called radial head dislocation. It’s VERY common in kids this age too, she said to tell whoever was swinging Em by her arm not to beat themselves up over it because she sees this ALL the time ! Reading the info I found online totally describes the scene Sunday night!! Haha! Glad I didn’t trust the Agnesian "physician assistants" and even the Orthopedic Specilist who would have let her arm sit there like that for another week saying that she "should start using it" and God knows what would happen at our next visit then because she would not have used it for the whole week and it was swollen from sitting there dislocated. UGH!! I hate that I will have to pay them any money for dropping the ball that way, in fact, I'm writing a letter complaining about this and telling them I do not want to pay that bill.

Emma was playing last night, using that arm like normal, she was even more of a monkey like she was so thrilled to have her arm back to normal, I was sure she was determined to get hurt again though the way she was running and jumping around last night!! The doctor demonstrated to me how you pop it back in too because she said it's common for it to re-dislocate in the next couple of weeks, which I read online too.

This is what I found online...

Nursemaid's elbow is a common condition in young children and generally affects
children under age 5. The injury occurs when a child is pulled up too hard by
the hand or wrist. It is often seen after someone lifts a child up by one arm
up. (For example, when trying to lift the child over a curb or high step.)
Swinging a young child from the arms while playing can also cause this injury.

When the injury occurs, the child usually begins crying immediately and
refuses to use the arm. The child may hold the arm so that is slightly bent
(flexed) at the elbow and pressed up against the belly (abdominal) area. The
child will move the shoulder, but not the elbow. Some children stop crying as
the immediate pain goes away, but continue to refuse to move the elbow.

Once the elbow dislocates, it is likely to do so again, especially in
the 3 or 4 weeks following the injury.

Nursemaid's elbow does not
usually occur after age 5. By this time, a child's joints and surround
structures are stronger, and the child is less likely to be in a situation where
this injury might occur. However, in some cases, the injury can occur in older
children or adults, usually from a fracture of the forearm.
Anyway, I'm glad Emma is ok & back to normal, we'll have to be careful with her arm to be sure she doesn't have it pop back out. But, also we'll be sure not to do any of that lifting her by the arms anymore!


Elizabeth said...

It is so hard these days, with the plethora of medical professionals around, to be sure you're seeing someone who knows what they're doing! I love our pediatrician: she's seen it all and is very matter of fact. I'm glad that the pediatrician you saw knew exactly what was wrong! I'm glad Emma is better too!

I'm so surprised, though, that the Orthopedist didn't catch it! I know you were referred, but they certainly should have referred you to someone that has more experience (if not specializes) in pediatric orthopedics! I suppose that might stem from the PA, or just poor customer service!
I'd write a letter too! Go girl!

Virginia said...

I would offer my advice on complaint letter-writing, but I tend to not be tactful! :) Glad Emma's feeling better!

Melissa said...

I love Agnesian. Their medical professionals are so very caring and competent, and customer service really matters to them.

Yeah, and sometimes? I'm a liar. Also, I'd bleed to death driving to my workplace before I'd go there. ;)

So glad that you figured out what was wrong with Emma's elbow, and glad that she's back to her cute and spunky old self. I'd complain too. You might still have to pay the bill, but they also might give you a gift card for your troubles.

Lene said...

I've never heard of that. It is do learn something new everyday!

I am so glad that she is feeling better. I was thinking about you earlier today hoping that she was better.

Mert said...

That kind of stinks that you can't do the swing too, I know Anna was very disappointed... but we were like"consider the consequences!"

I'm so glad your baby booger is back to normal and feeling better. I bet she was ready to paint the town red. :D