Monday, July 2, 2007

Manic Monday

I've read two blogs today that are doing Manic Mondays and I always loved that song Manic Monday for some reason and after reading both of those posts I felt compelled to do my FIRST Manic Monday's theme, Independence!

Mert had such a compelling post today, I can't even believe how fantastic a person she is and what a great mother she is with all she's been through, but she really is great! Read some of her blog and you'll see that. The 2nd Manic Monday that I read so far today was over at Blog that Mommy! Another great blog, I related well to what Neila had to say about when her son was 2 and everything was "Eli do it"...such independence seems to start around age 2 I've found out myself!

Just yesterday while over at my mom's I tried my darndest to get Emma to hold my hand when she'd be walking around grammy's driveway and sidewalk...the grass I'd allow more independence but got more nervous when she would be closer to the road. She tried pulling away, wanted to run and I held on. Finally, when told that she'd have to go inside or be carried if she wouldn't take my hand just in the driveway at least, she learned. As she walked away from me and I tried to tell her to come back for my hand, before the words were out of my mouth she said "mama, hand". I was so proud! It's hard to grant her the independence she really wants and it takes patience to try to let her try things for herself, especially when I'm rushing to go somewhere and she wants to do something herself, but I know, it's good for her and I'm trying to let go more. I'm learning when the moments are that I need to hold on tight and the moments to let go, and luckily for all the moments I have to let her squirm away, she comes back later with her hugs, kisses, "uppy mama" and singing her little songs like "Twinkle Twinkle" or "Rock A Bye Baby", making me feel so much love for her and feel so proud of her! Today's her 2 year checkup and I can't wait to talk with our doctor about all that she's learned in the last 6 months! Here's our most recent set of photos from last week.

How funny, just noticed the song on the radio right now is "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers...the lyrics just were...feels like Independence Day. I'll leave you also with some eye candy in the Wallflowers video, I remember thinking Jakob Dylan was pretty hot when this song first came out!


Elizabeth said...

oooooh! Jakob Dylan. That is totally the song I think of every time I drive home from work... one of our headlights is out. But I totally love that song otherwise!

I hear you on toddler independence! Sean has a new car seat so that baby can use his old one. He can do the buckles himself, but sometimes it takes him a while! I have to be patient and wait, sometime 5 minutes! He has learned, however, to ask for help if he really can't get it. Grandpa got an earful this weekend when he tried to help!

tegdirb92 said...

I think this is my first time stopping here--happy first manic Monday!! I used to think (still do)he was hot too. Great choice for today :) I'll stop by more often and thanks for visiting me today too.

Mert said...

Great post bud! I know, it's so hard... but we have to learn as parents the moment we need to hold them tight, just like you said. Picking our battles, it can be tricky :)

Good job, mommy! Hey, I'm glad you're doing this manic Monday thingy with me.

wolfbaby said...

mine are as head stron and stubborn as ya get;0

drives me batty some days.. and others well i can be an awefully proud momma;)