Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Out in the Rain

I leave for the next day and a half with my newest desktop photo to greet me upon my return...Emma playing between the blankets on grammy's clothesline outside last week!

Our college is closing at noon today, YAY! I'm off tomorrow too for the 4th of July! Have a happy one! I'll be probably relaxing, playing with my daughter, going to a picnic and watching the fireworks tomorrow night with hubby and daughter!

See you next on Thursday for the next Thursday Thirteen, likely to be 13 things we did between now and then or something along those lines!


wolfbaby said...

she is precious!!!

Lene said...

Adorable pic!!

Enjoy your day off with the family!

Toni said...

She is too adorable for words!

Thanks for entering my contest & good luck! :)

Mert said...

Look at the sparkle in those blue eyes!adorable! Looks like she made her own fort. :D