Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down?

I'm sure that title is an attention grabber huh? Well, Island Girl's title of "Do You Flush?" caught my eye today too! You will have to head over to that post and read through all of the comments people left, it's quite an interesting discusson really. I was surprised at how many people followed the mantra: "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down." I think I was in the minority in my response that I flush regardless of whether it's pee or poo. Especially being in the midst of potty training, part of the fun for Emma is getting to flush when she's done. I had to chuckle last night, only the third time she's poo'd on the potty and when we flushed it she watched it go down and said "bye bye poo poo!" with a giggle.

Has anyone ever watched that Discovery or TLC show? This family had twin girls then sextuplets, well when they were potty training, Kate (the mom) insisted on taking a photo of the kids with their first poo. That I found a bit disturbing!

Off the poo topic for a bit, I had to share the most recent Emma-speak that keeps us entertained:
As I got her dressed in her room the other day, she was digging around in her toy box and pulled out a rattle that she had gotten actually before she was born, it was a shower gift. Anyway, she pulled it out, held it high and said, "Mama! This toy! I have this for years!" I found that completely hilarious, when we told Daddy he laughed and asked her how old she thought she was, 90?

Her latest way of leaving me in amazement though...singing her ABC's...it's a little jumbled at parts but she hits those main letters and parts like "LMNOP", "TUV has become "T an V" for her and sometimes she will just stop at H and skip to "now I know my ABCs, won't you sing with me"

On a bit sassier, yet funny note. Daddy tried to cuddle up to say goodnight one night and she said, "Daddy, don't touch me" (wonder where she got that from?) and on his 2nd attempt she said, "Daddy, leave me alone!" Of course, after a little muffled chuckling, I made her apologize to Daddy and give him a hug and kiss goodnight and all was well.

I just can't imagine what life would be without her, all the little "terrible 2 moments" seem so insignificant when you think about all of the silly moments, giggles, amazing moments where you can't believe how smart she is or all of the cuddles and cuteness. Who in their right mind wouldn't want children? That may sound harsh, I don't mean offense to anyone, but personally I cannot imagine life without the experience of being a parent. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Ambitious Blonde said...

That aquarium is going to give me nightmares.

Also, I think there are people in the world who shouldn't have children (I've seen a few) so I'd like them to continue to imagine a world without them. Just .02 from a jaded healthcare pro. ;)

Lene said...

haha Emma sounds like a firecracker!

Ahhh fun fun potty training! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ok, if it's night-time and I get up to pee, I won't flush. It's quieter that way. But for some reason the water in the apartment makes it smell if you don't flush. So we flush!

I've seen that show, but I missed that episode! And I'm glad: EW!

Emma is such a card! I love hearing all the things kids come up with. They have such imaginations, you never know what they'll say next.

Mert said...

Hahaha! So cute! I love it when they say stuff like that :D You just wait until you have another one, and she'll be repeating everything the big sis says. Oh, so much fun LOL!

I didn't read the comments at Kailani's... I was too embarrassed to admit that we stopped flushing unless it's pooh when Emma was born. The flushing woke her up, so we only flushed for poop.... though Anna still didn't do that. Now Emma isn't a baby anymore but I can't get John or Anna to flush after they pee.

~Virginia~ said...

Aw! You're such a good mommy! :)