Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog-love, weight loss and good hair!

I'm just feeling really chipper today! Here's why!
  • I read a wonderful blog post today from my friend Beth and it made me all teary-eyed!

  • I lost another 2.4 pounds lat week making my month total 12.4 pounds without any exercising yet!

  • I found out that my workplace is having a Biggest Loser contest with teams of 4 people costing about $12/each. It's 10 week challenge that includes:
    · Weekly Weight
    · BP
    · Waist circumference
    · Body fat
    · Weekly diet counseling
    · Weekly exercise motivation and counseling
    · Weekly health coaching and email updates
    At the end of the challenge winning team with the greatest amount of weight loss will be calculated and the third place team will be rewarded with 10% of the total prize money second place team will be rewarded with 20% of the total prize money
    The winning team will be rewarded with 70% of the total prize money and declared the Biggest Marian Loser!
    How pumped am I that I chose to start my new lifestyle with perfect timing!! I totally want my team to win!!
  • A faculty member that's planning on being on our Biggest Loser team is working on setting up dance lessons for us to learn salsa and other dances, great for weight loss! I'm SO EXCITED!

  • I just got some more of the fun beads/charms in the mail that I ordered for my jewelry making! :)

  • I was feeling all lovey and ordered a surprise for my sweetie & mini-sweetie to be delivered to them at our house on Valentine's Day, which also marks 5 years since hubby & I tied the knot at the local courthouse to start his immigration process.

  • A new faculty member I've been helping out with some computer set-up (who I thought didn't really like/appreciate me) brought in a little bag of Jelly Belly Deluxe Valentine Mix today! :) I'll fit some points in for that considering it's only 3 points per 1/4 cup and I know I'd eat less than 1/4 cup at a time!
  • I had a lunch meeting in our cafeteria and stuck to my plan of a big 0 point salad with some 1 point dressing and small serving of rice with turkey and lots of carrots. I did not even have a brownie or peice of cake despite everyone at the table having one. :) Instead, I had a 1 point Weight Watcher Peanut Butter Bliss Bar, if you ask me, better in every way!
  • And to top it all off I'm having a good hair day! Check that out along with my latest earrings and necklace I made over the weekend! (ignore the pimples...apparently this better eating is wreaking havoc on my pores or something!)


Ambitious Blonde said...

Love the hair and the earrings. You've also made me hungry for Jelly Bellies, but that really has absolutely nothing to do with that first thing, does it?

Also, your friend Elizabeth's post has inspired me and booted my rear out of the blogger's block I've been plagued with lately. Sort of. We'll call it an idea for now, how's that? ;)

mtelizabeth said...

Oh, I LOVE everything! Your hair is so cute. And how awesome is that about the "biggest loser" challenge?! Just wait until you start that salsa dancing... good-bye pounds!

Gee, I gotta get my heiny off the couch!

p.s. you're welcome for the bloggy-love! I hope you didn't get embarrassed almost crying in front of people at work! teehee

Ash said...

That is some seriously good hair. And I adore that necklace. How much would you charge me for one of those? I really like the colors and the one largest bead in the middle.

Oh, and the zit? Yes I have a huge one just waiting to erupt on my chin. I hate this kind, it just sits under my skin, a great lump of a thing and bides its time. Freaking zits!

Be the biggest loser, I know you can do it! ;)