Monday, February 4, 2008

Weigh-In and Weekend Photo Fun!

I attended the Saturday 8am Weight Watchers meeting and that was the first time I went to the early morning one and it was packed more than the 9:30 one! I ran into the parents of a friend I lost touch with a couple of years ago and hope to re-connect with her now. Her dad lost 100 pounds and her mom lost 50 since December of 2006! I was really inspired by that and hope that a year from now I'm reporting a similar total for myself!
I'm happy to report that when I weighed in on Saturday I lost 1.8 pounds for the week bringing my 3 week weight loss total to exactly 10 pounds! I feel great even just losing 10 pounds and can't wait to celebrate the next 10 pound milestone in a few more weeks!!
Mom and I took Emma to Picture People later that morning and had some Valentine's photos taken and she was little miss photogenic this time, not that she's not photogenic other times but normally she's not really into the sessions the last couple times we've gone. So, it was great to see her getting into a few different poses and smiling for all of them!


Ash said...

Emma looks adorable, and congrats on the 1st ten!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! That's gotta feel awesome to reach your goal... keep up the good work :o)

Emma is so cute, the pictures turned out great!

Ambitious Blonde said...

I think I found the ten you lost. ;)Congratulations, skinny pants.

Also, that sweater you put the short cute blonde chick in is freakin' ADORABLE! :)

Mert said...

I LOVE the pictures! The one of her laying down is so precious :)

Congrats on 10lbs GF! That is wonderful news. How cool that you reconnected with the parents of your friend. Very inspirational , indeed!

Keep up the good work, buddy!

~Virginia~ said...

That is great!! I'm envious of your commitment--I still don't fit in bridesmaid dress #2. :( Ah, well! :) Love the little lying down picture!