Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sparking snow, Emma-speak and jewels

Update since I did this post yesterday...Emma has been queen of repeating things lately and queen of bad table manners, kind of terrible-two stuff, etc. At mom's the other day while they were having dinner she burped, giggled, farted, announced it "I barted, hee hee", giggled and decided it was worth repeating a couple of times as Grammy & Grampy worked on reminder her we say "excuse me" when we do such things and we also do not do them at the dinner table.
Later that evening, Mom was putting stainstick on a shirt, while she was wearing it, Emma giggles, points and says "on you boob"! Mom, surprised, says, "on where?", Emma says, "boob". Mom teaches her that this is her breast and asks where she heard "boob" and Emma correctly replies with "Daddy!". Emma decides the next night while we're cuddling on the couch to quiz me and pokes my breast and says "what's that?" I managed to think a second and say, "that's my breast"...apparently that bored her that I didn't use the word boob because she looked at me, slightly annoyed looking, and ran off to play.
Well, last night was the topper and we're such terrible parents that we just HAD to laugh! I was changing her poopy pull-up and daddy was standing by with the wipes when Emma looks down at her poo then at daddy and says, "you looking at my poop daddy?" He says, "I see it" and she wrinkles her little nose and says..."bloody hell"...and this was pronounced pretty darn good too I must say, we just cracked up, we couldn't contain it! She, of course, said it again and laughed her head off! We'll have to be more careful...I say "we", meaning "daddy"! It might be she heard him say it, in fact I'm sure she did, but we do also watch some British sitcoms on DVD and BBCAmerica and bloody hell is not that offnsive of an utterance in the UK, really probably not here either, but when it comes out of the mouths of 2 1/2 year olds...maybe slightly more offensive!
10 inches by 9pm? I swear we have 10 inches already last time I trudged through the snow to go home for lunch! I almost did not come back to work! Why are we not closed yet? IT was no worse than this the other days the college closed! Just over my lunch hour at home my car was covered with a couple more inches of snow!

In happier news, I decided to start selling my jewelry so look for more information on that soon as I get a store set up on Ebay or Etsy or something.

Meanwhile, here are some snowy pics for you!


~Virginia~ said...

Okay, so I know that to people who live in areas where it actually snows, it's more of a pain in the ass than anything else. But to those of us who never see stuff like that? It's frikkin' beautiful!! Sigh. Oh! The page loaded much more quickly today for some reason... :) Happy Friday!

Mert said...

YAY! Your gonna sell, I'm so excited for you! Too cool!

Blah, I'm so sick of the snow too! Ash is trying to get me to come down to Florida... man, if only I had the money I'd be so there!

Bloody hell, I know... it's not supposed to be funny, but it really is! LOL!