Friday, August 8, 2008

Bethy's Buttons - More Etsy Shopping!

A great crafty friend of mine, Elizabeth, has opened her Etsy Shop Bethy's Buttons! Be sure to stop for some great handmade shopping!! Her monograms are so fun, very reasonably priced and a fantastic gift idea!! I have an M from her already and it's the prettiest thing on our fridge!

Happy Shopping!


Mert said...

Ohhh, what a pretty idea, I love it! I'll have to check hr site out too :)

Ash said...

dude, whenever I have some extra dough, I'll be out in your etsy shop, cyberically trying jewelry on. Love supportin' my bloggie gals!

Congrats on your pregnancy! Can't wait, I know s/he will be just as adorable as Emmakins!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The 19th would be fine. Email me to let me know okay?
Also do you decorate country?
Thanks Rondell

elizabeth said...

Thank you for the little promo!

And what's this?? ARE you pregnant??

gretty said...

I finally got my no-memory computer to load your page! I'm of the same broke-ass camp as Ash, but what cool stuff! And are you pregnant? Circle yes or no.